We, Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd, was established in 1930 as a manufacturer of abrasive paper and cloth products. Since it has been starting up our business, we have been cooperated with a variety of clients. For the purpose of further growth as a Japanese manufacturer of abrasive products, we will wait any proposals from suppliers

Please propose your materials which take advantages of

performance and price benefits

Variety of materials

We, Sankyo Rikagaku Co., Ltd, are a manufacturer of abrasive papers,
abrasive belts, and abrasive films. We are always looking for materials,
not only doemstic in Japan, but also from overseas.

Performance evaluation

If you contact us in English or Chinese,we
will conduct the performance evalution,
with our Purchase Dept,R&D Dept,and
Quality Control Dept.

Subcontract factory

In addition, we also are looking for converters, that can maintain our quality of prod­ucts, as well as can supply finished products to local customers by yourself.

We are looking for new materials in order to develop new products from all over the world.

We are always looking for new materials which can increase the quality level.
We put a strict standards and rules for quality of products. We will explain further details when we have a meeting with you.

Backing of Paper, Cloth, and Film
Any Materials to be grains of abrasive products

We will be pleased to challenge for new
applications and industries with customers of various countries.

Polish everything and anything!
Won't you join us in making a brighter future with "polish" ?
Sankyo Rikagaku, as a general abrasives manufacturer, will design product specifications together with your company so that we can offer abrasives with superior workability depending on the application.

Here, we present products with higher workability depending on the application, together with our product lineup, detailed specifications and actual usage scenarios.

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